You’ll need a Zendesk administrator to complete the setup.
  1. Visit your Integrations Page and hit Connect under Zendesk
  2. Authorize the Zendesk App
  3. Click Manage on the Zendesk app and confirm the user mapping is set properly

All done!

You’ve setup the Zendesk Integration

Additional Configuration

Removing Email Notifications For Slack Tickets

Zendesk is typically configured to send email notifications to the customer when there are new replies, or different events occur. Because tickets are being created from and will be updated in Slack, we don’t want to send additional email notifications for these tickets.

  1. Go to the Admin Center and click Objects and rules > Triggers (under Business rules)

  2. For each trigger that starts with Notify requester ... modify the trigger

    1. In the Conditions section add the following to the Meet ALL of the following section
    2. Typically the relevant trigger rules that need to be updated are called Notify requester and CCs of received request, Notify requester of new proactive ticket, Notify requester and CCs of comment update
  3. Repeat the above also for any custom triggers you have that send emails to the customer

Required Fields

If you have required fields setup before a ticket closes, Pylon cannot close out tickets from Slack because it does not know what values to set for those required fields. There are a couple of options - please let the Pylon team know which option you’d like so we can configure it for you.

Option 1: New “Pending” status called “Closed in Slack”

Create a new status Closed in Slack that is under the Pending category. When a customer closes out an issue from Slack, the ticket will be moved to this status along with a note on the ticket. Your team can setup a new view or use a workflow to then input required fields before “officially” closing out these issues. Customers see no difference in behavior after they have marked the issue as closed in Slack.

  1. To do this, go to the Admin Center and click on Objects and rules > Ticket statuses (under Tickets)

  2. Click Create ticket status and create a new status called Closed in Slack under the Pending category

  3. Once you have made the new status, let the Pylon team know and we will apply this change.

Option 2: Don’t allow customers to close out ticket in Slack

Don’t allow customers to close out issues in Slack. This means only your team can close out tickets in Zendesk, and input required fields when doing so.

If you choose this option, let the Pylon team know and they will disable the setting that allows customers to close out tickets from Slack.