Use Cases

How it Works

Creating or Linking at Ticket

There are 3 ways you can attach product tickets to Pylon issues:

  1. You can create a ticket from the Kanban board. You’ll see a new module in the issue sidebar to create a ticket. You can set a default project upon installation, or you can choose the project directly from the sidebar.
  1. You can search for an existing ticket from the Kanban board.
  1. You can create it directly from the triage channel. You’ll notice a new Product Ticket button in your triage channel which will also kickoff the same workflow to create a ticket.

You’ll notice context carries over when creating a ticket, so you don’t have to manually link the product ticket with the Pylon.

Waiting on a Ticket

After creating a product ticket, conversations will move to the On-Hold column. This is the column meant to hold issues that are waiting on another internal team.

Tickets in the On-Hold column will move out of the On-Hold column if any customer activity happens on the conversation or the product ticket gets completed.

Details on the product ticket will also display in the issue sidebar so you have context without having to hop into the other ticketing system.

As your product and engineering team works on the ticket, their messages will sync back to Pylon for extra context.

Completing a Ticket

When the status moves to Done on the product ticket, the Pylon conversation will move out of On-Hold and into Waiting on You so you can tell your customer their request has been completed!