1. Visit the Integrations Page and hit Connect under Asana
  2. Authorize the Asana App
  3. Create a new field into your library called Pylon Issue ID with type Text.
  1. You’ll need to create an Asana form with all the fields you want your support team to fill out when handing off to the product team. At the top of the form, please add a Single Line Text field “Pylon Issue ID” mapped to the field you previously created.
  1. Inside of Pylon, set up your desired default project as well as forms for corresponding projects.

  2. The first time you create an Asana ticket, you’ll need to click “Connect to Pylon” in Asana to get the details to show:

You’ve setup the Asana Integration


From a Pylon issue, you’ll see an Asana Details module in the sidebar. You can find an existing issue by copying in a link to it directly, or searching by keywords.

To create a new task, select a project and click Create.

Your form should popup. We’ve copied the Pylon ID into your clipboard for you to copy into the Pylon Issue ID field. The first time you create a ticket, you will need to allow clipboard browser permissions for Pylon.

Copy the ID into that field.

And you’re done! Notice how the ticket has a Pylon native module embedded right there so your product and engineering can also get context on the Pylon side of things.

Neat huh! Let us know if you have any feedback!