Let your customers submit structured tickets.

How it Works

  • Collect name, email, subject, description, attachments, and any other custom field.
  • Set fields as optional or required. Rearrange the order of the fields.
  • Sends the customer a copy of their answers via email. Followups will be done via email.
  • (Coming soon) Send submitted tickets to Slack to continue the discussion in channel.


  1. If you’d like to expose this form in the Customer Portal, make sure you’ve configured and customized the Customer Portal before continuing.

  2. Visit the Ticket Form settings page and create a form.

  3. Once you’re done creating the form, now it’s time to preview it.

    • If you’ve made it public, go to the ticket form page and go to the link on the form.
    • If you’ve made it private, visit a Customer Portal preview page by going to the Accounts page, picking an account, navigating to the Customer Portal tab, and clicking “View Customer Portal”.
  4. And you’re done! Congrats!