Embed in-app chat into your application so your customers can talk to you directly from the context of your product. Provide customer support, gather product feedback, or surface important links straight from the chat window.

Use Cases

For each of these use cases, you can leverage many of the workflows and settings you’ve already set in the rest of Pylon to provide a consistent experience for you and your Customer.

Slack-like Collaboration

This is much more collaborative than an ordinary 1:1 chat support. Messages will sync to your shared customer channel where the rest of your team and your customer’s team can respond to the question.

If only admin users are in the shared channel and no end users, syncing chat conversations to the channel will give your admin users visibility into what their team is asking and allow them to answer questions directly, essentially promoting your champion to support.

For customers without a shared channel i.e. self-serve customers, sync messages to a support channel where your team can collaborate and respond directly from Slack. No need to hop into another product to quickly answer the question.

Async Followups

But what happens if you respond after a user leaves your site? We’ll send them an email followup to return to the page they were on so they can read your response and continue the conversation.