We built this add-on because our customers had a huge gap of customer data in their CRM. The same expectations of fluid data flow from emails and video calls to their CRM did not exist for their Slack conversations and interactions.

We set out to fix this by focusing on:

Reasons to Consider the CRM Sync

#1 Your CRM is your Source of Truth

If your Sales or Customer Success team uses your CRM as a place to have visibility on deals, and your conversations are happening in Slack, you have a huge gap.

Your options are:

  • Ask reps to mannually log conversations 👎
  • Have missing data in your CRM 📭
  • Let Pylon log all conversations automatically ✅

Here’s a table with conservative estimates of how much time your team would need to spend keeping your CRM up to date with Slack conversations. This assumes summarizing a conversation and logging it in your CRM will take 5 minutes.

RepsCustomer Conversations in Slack / DayTime Spent Logging Data / Month

#2 You have Workflows Powered by CRM Data

If your Sales, RevOps, or Customer Success teams leverage Activity data, not including Slack conversations means those workflows won’t work.

Let’s say you have 1 conversation per week per account on average. For 100 accounts your CRM is missing 5,200 activities per year.

Common workflows that break without Activity data:

  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Reminders to Checkin after Periods of No Activity
  • Customer Health Calculations to Predict Churn
  • Syncing Data to Customer Success Tool

#3 You want your CRM Data Powering Pylon

When you connect your CRM to Pylon, existing features become much more powerful.

In particular:

  1. Sending Broadcasts to customers who have certain attributes
  2. Filter Analytics based on CRM Attributes
  3. Setup a Prospect or Customer Channel directly from your CRM

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