If you have a seperate Support and Customer Success teams, you should be using the support integration.

The support integration allows your team and/or customers to initiate support tickets from Slack, that bidirectionally sync with an external support tool like Zendesk.

Unlike a Conversational Ticket, a support ticket is synced to an external support system like Zendesk. Support tickets are visible in Slack to the customer with a status.

When the support team gets a new ticket synced to their support tool, they can respond without leaving their tool. That response will sync directly back to the Slack channel where the ticket was opened.

Here’s why this is powerful:

Opening a Ticket

Customer Prompt

When a customer asks a message in Slack that looks like a support question, they can be prompted to optionally open a support ticket. Enable this setting and customize the message they see on the Settings Page.

Ticket Emoji

You can react to any message or thread with the 🎫 emoji to create a ticket.

Tag Support

The customer can tag @Your Company Support at anytime to kickoff a support ticket.

Floating Bar

The floating bar is a message that stays “pinned” to the bottom of a channel. It stays pinned by constantly reposting itself at the bottom of the channel when new messages are sent in the channel.

The bar itself has a button that opens a modal with a form to kickoff a support ticket. These inputs can be mapped to fields in your support system.

This method of ticketing is the most forceful for your customer, as they will be reminded to open a support ticket with each message they send in the channel.

Responding from a Support Tool

When a support ticket is created, a synced ticket is created in your support system.

Messages posted in that support thread in Slack will be synced to your support system ticket, and vice versa.

Example of a conversation between someone in Intercom and a customer in Slack

You can enable more granular ticket data such as a ticket link and ticket ID to be visible in Slack.

Closing a Ticket

Support ticket status is synced between your support system and Slack.

Either your team or the customer can click the Close Issue button in Slack or the support team can close the ticket from the support tool.

State will be reflected in both systems.

What a closed support ticket looks like in Slack.