Set up macros to simplify sending canned responses and taking common actions on customer issues.


Visit the Settings Page and look for Macros to set up new macros.

  1. Set up a canned response using templated variables. When a macro is used, this text will be pre-filled in the editor, and all you’ll have to do is hit send!
  2. Set up actions that will be executed when the macro is used, for example, adding a certain tag to an issue and setting the state to closed.
  3. Set up filters for when a macro is available. For example, have different macros available for your team to use on Slack vs. In-App Chat questions.
  4. Create macros for your whole organization, your team, or just yourself.


Once you setup some Macros, inside your editor while solving an issue you’ll see a button for bringing up the Macro menu or you can hit the shortcut m.