For Smaller Teams

Use the Triage Channel for tracking conversations throughout the day and look at the Kanban board once a day for a bird’s eye view.

For Larger Teams

You and your team live out of the Kanban board and use the Triage Channel for notifications and discussions with other internal teams not on Pylon.

The Kanban Board allows you to track all conversations across all customer channels at once. It’s great for getting visibility into your own customer issues for messages you may have forgotten about.

See More Details

You can access more details about a conversation and see all related messages by clicking on Kanban Board card. Reply directly to the customer or leave a private note for your team from the sidebar.


You can filter by any field on the account or issue: Owners, CRM tags, Pylon Tags, Custom Fields, Assignee, etc.

Modify Assignee

You can update the Assignee of a Conversation by clicking on their profile image and selecting a new Assignee.

List View

If a denser list view is more of your style, toggle the layout at the top to switch to a list view


  • Save a set of filters into a view so your team can come back to it later
  • Create as many views as you’d like: Unassigned tickets, AI Tagged with Bug, Email-only tickets, tickets from Prospects, the possibilities are endless.
  • Create global views to share with the rest of your team or personal views only visible to yourself
  • Star your important views so they stay pinned in your sidebar. Drag them around to quickly rearrange them and set an icon to customize your views just how you like them.