Tip: You can set SLAs based on data in your CRM

SLAs (AKA Service Level Agreements) are reminder-based rules for how quickly you want to respond and resolve customer issues.

Pylon supports two levels of SLA:

  1. First Response Time: First response time is how quickly someone on your team has responded to a message or request.

  2. Resolution Time: Time to resolution is how long it takes to close a conversation after it’s been started.


You can customize SLAs on the Settings Page.

SLAs can be customized for different sets of customers based on Tags set either in Pylon or tags set from your CRM.

For example, below we have seperated pre-sales and post-sales SLAs:

SLAFirst ResponseResolutionEscalation Channel
Default60m7 days#support-escalations
Prospect (Pulled from CRM)60m2 days#prospect-alerts

SLA Alerts

If the SLA period is passed, the following alerts will sent out.

  1. The Escalation Channel configured will be notified
  2. If the Conversation has an Assignee they will aslo get a direct message from the Pylon bot

Support Hours

If you want the SLAs times to only work during your working hours, you can configure Support Hours on the Settings Page.

This ends up being useful for off-hours on weekdays and weekends.