AI Support automatically suggests knowledge base articles based on a customer questions. It leverages the recent and seemingly magical advances in generative AI to match customer questions with what you’ve already written up in your documentation.

Expectation Setting

If you’re using Pylon, you likely have dedicated support or success teams managing your most important relationships in your customer Slack channels. Unlike the rapid-fire support of something like an E-Commerce business, B2B auto-responses are much more important to get right so here are the principles by which we aim to protect those relationships when enabling AI:

  1. If the AI has low confidence in answering a question, lean towards not responding
  2. While we calibrate AI Support, it will only recommend articles, never come up with the solution text itself

Supported Knowledge Bases

We built AI Support to be able to crawl any knowledgebase in the browser. That means regardless of where your documentation sits, we’ll be able to work with it.

How it Works

When a customer asks a question that gets turned into a support ticket, if AI Support has high confidence that the documentation has the solution, it will post the suggested documentation links.

The customer or you can then mark whether the suggested documentation solved the problem or not.

Results on whether it resolved the issue are not yet surfaced in the UI, but we’ll send you that data upon request.