Use the Triage Channel for daily tracking and the Kanban Board for getting a bird’s eye view.

Triage Channel functions as an in-Slack Todo list for you, or a small team, to stay on top of customer messages.

All conversations are posted into the channel and when conversations stay up to date with the correct status and latest message preview.

Company logos of your prospect and customer accounts are used to make the feed more visually appealing and readable.


Conversation Status is indicated by the colored bar on the left of the message.

🟨 YellowThe conversation status is To Do
🟦 BlueThe conversation status is In Progress
☑️ GrayYou conversation status is Closed

Marking as Closed

Conversations will automatically close when you respond to conversation with a message that concludes the conversation. Alternatively, you can mark the conversation as closed by clicking the Acknowledge button.

Once closed, the conversation will collapse and show the purple Closed status.

Discussing Issues Internally

Because Triage Channels are just Slack channels, you can have discussions with others about Conversations directly from there. Simply add a reply within the Triage Channel.

Best Practices

For Small Teams

Small teams should open up a single Triage Channel called #customer-alerts.

For Larger Teams

If you have multiple team members handling accounts, you can segment further. We recommend opening up one triage channel per person on your team is responsible for handling account messages.

For example, if you have three Account Managers Alex, Sabrina, and John:

  • #alex-customers
  • #sabrina-customers
  • #john-customers