Messages from Microsoft Teams are automatically sent to Pylon’s Kanban Board. and Triage Channel for tracking and response.

Pylon’s Microsoft Teams integration allows you to view, respond to, and track Microsoft Teams messages from your customer without using Teams yourself.

Messages from your customer Teams channel are mirrored into a Slack channel in your own workspace. And issues can be tracked, assigned, and more just as with messages from other sources. Talk to customers where they live without leaving where you live.

Receiving messages

  1. Messages sent by your customer in the Teams channel are visible in your mirrored Slack channel, where any Slack channel members can see them, regardless of whether they are in the Teams channel.
  1. Customer issues from Teams are visible in the Kanban board alongside with your other issues.
  1. Messages are also bundled and visible in the triage channel along with other messages.

Sending messages

  1. Messages and reactions on customer messages sent in your Slack channel are mirrored to Teams.
  1. Responding to customer issues from the Kanban Board, sends the reply directly into Teams.


The Pylon team is constantly updating our Teams integration to improve functionality as Microsoft launches new features.

  • Messages from DMs are not captured
  • Customer reactions on their own messages are not captured (their reactions on your messages ARE captured)
  • Markdown-style code formatting is not supported in messages sent to Teams