This guide is for setting up the Hubspot Channel Create feature, allowing you to provision customer Slack channels directly from Hubspot
You’ll need a Hubspot administrator to complete the setup. Make sure you’ve already installed our Hubspot app.

With this feature, you can provision customer Slack channels directly from either a Hubspot Company or Hubspot Deal object. If configured on the company object, the channel created will invite all contacts associated with the comapny. If configured on the deal object, the channel created will invite all contacts associated with the deal.

  1. Visit your Hubspot settings page by clicking the gear on your top navbar. Select Properties under the Data Management section.
  1. Click the orange Create property button.

  2. Fill in the details as shown in the screenshot below. If you are setting this flow up on the Company object, select Company instead. The Group value can be set as any of the available options. It is important that you click the code symbol next the Label and set the internal name properly. For Deals, the value should be pylon_deal_slack_channel_name and for Companies, the value should be pylon_company_slack_channel_name.

  1. Hit next, and on the the following screen set the field type as Single-line text.
  1. On the Rules page, leave all the checkboxes unticked and hit Create.

  2. Go to an individual record page for an example Deal or a Company, depending on what you made the property on. In the left sidebar, click View all properties.

  1. Scroll down on the page to the section you made the property into in Step 3 and select Add to your view.

All done!

You can now make customer Slack channels from Hubspot!


On an example Company or Deal object, you can now fill in a value for the property we added in your left sidebar. Then on your right sidebar, you will see the option to Create Channel.