Creating tickets

You can create an issue via the Kanban board or via the triage channel.

  1. Via Kanban: From a Pylon issue, you’ll see a JIRA Details module in the sidebar. Select the project you’d like to create the ticket in, and click Create.
  1. Via Triage channel: when conversational tickets are posted in your triage channel and product ticketing is enabled, you’ll see a Create Ticket 📦 button.

Clicking it will allow you to select with JIRA project to create the issue in, along with a pre-filled AI generated title.

Try it Out

  1. Next try adding a message on the JIRA ticket. The message should show up as an internal note in Pylon.
  1. And finally, close the issue and see it resurface in the Waiting on You column. There should be a new internal note at the bottom of the thread bumping you to tell your customer.

Let us know if you have any feedback!