Custom Analytics

Combine customer interaction data with CRM data, product data, and other custom data in your warehouse.

All your data in one place

Issues across Slack, Teams, Email, in-app chat, and community all synced to your warehouse.

No Engineering Resources Needed

Configure the sync easily in Pylon’s UI without writing any code or using additional tools.


  • Set up a sync from your Pylon dashboard.
  • Configure your sync by entering in your warehouse credentials.
  • Select what data columms you would like synced
  • Toggle your sync on!
  • Expect to see a table created automatically in your warehouse immediately, and data starting to flow in within a day.

How it works

  • Based on the selected cadence, data will automatically be upserted into your warehouse.
  • New data will be inserted as new rows into the table.
  • Updated data will be replace existing rows in the table.