Activity Sync

Everyday, Pylon scans your customer channels for conversations that were had. For every conversation, we use AI to summarize the details, and sync the summary to the relevant Account in Hubspot.

Contact Sync

When someone new joins a prospect or customer channel, we add that contact to Hubspot and link it to the relevant Account.

Account Cards

See Pylon account cards directly on Hubspot accounts. View information from Pylon like which Slack channel is connected to this account and a direct link to it.

Channel Creation from Hubspot

See our setup guide for configuring this feature. This requires creating a custom property on the Deal or Company object and adding it to your layout.

You can greatly simplify Slack channel creation using our Hubspot widget. Fill out the desired channel name on the deal or company page and click Create Channel from the sidebar the following will automatically happen:

  1. Channel will be created and named
  2. You will be invited to the channel
  3. All contacts tied to the deal/company will be sent an invite to join the channel
  4. Pylon will be enabled within the channel

Broadcast Filtering

You may want to send a Broadcast to a set of customers based on data stored in Hubspot.


View and filter Issues by Hubspot tags.

Account Details on Issue

See account level details while working on an individual issue in the Issue sidebar.